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Buyer Intake Form. Congrats On Taking The Next Steps!

Our strategy for helping home buyers is designed to cast a wide net to find you properties that meet both your immediate and long-term needs, whether on the market or not.  We guide you to write compelling offers that sellers will accept over all others.

We distinguish ourselves from other agents based on the breadth and depth of services we provide. Our goal is to help you get the home you want, in a timeline and at a price that works for you and your family. When you choose to work with the Langford & Sinclair Real Estate Group, we offer the following services:


  • In-Depth Needs Assessment

  • Dedicated Agent Attention

  • Full Time Support

  • Bulldog Negotiations

  • Premium Search Tools

  • Pre-Sale Opportunities

  • Off-Market Opportunities

  • New Construction

  • For Sale by Owner

  • Pricing Guidance

  • Terms Suggestions

  • Disclosure Interpretation

  • Inspections Support

  • Appraisal Assistance

  • Access to our Partner Network

  • Escrow Management


We have a thorough intake process to gather lots of information about your preferences, likes, dislikes, budget and timeline, so you’re not wasting your time looking at properties that aren’t going to work.

From there we will set you up in our online portal, an exclusive benefit only available to our clients, which allows you to search, like and comment on properties that fit your criteria.  We build a tour for you and host private showings based on your availability.

This is when the fun begins - touring homes!  We’ll show you as many or as few as you like.  When you fall in love with “the one”, we’ll help you craft a compelling offer that the seller can’t refuse.  We make recommendations and advise on the right next steps, but you are always in the driver’s seat. There is never any pressure - we set our pace according to your comfort level and urgency.

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